Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Weight Loss - The First Obstacle

For some people, in the very first step they embarked on weight loss, even after they had overcame all their inner struggles to make this first step, there are faced with an instant obstacle: people around them.

People around you are your immediate family staying with you, your best friends, your colleagues, neighbours, business or work counterparts, etc.

As human beings, people like to have their say in anything but some people tend to say something negative:

‘Weight Loss? So you can’t eat?’
‘You can’t eat fried food/durian/ice-cream?’

‘This treatment/program/slimming centre/product is lousy and cannot work?’
‘You won’t be able to resist food!’

‘You can’t stick to the program/exercise regime/diet!’

It may be due to many different reasons – perceptions and influences, information they have, what they think they are right from what they thought they already know, or just that they are in a bad mood that day such that things coming out from their mouth is negative.
‘Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great’ - Mark Twain

Everyone have friends and everyone also have enemies. If we understand what we are doing and why we are doing it, it doesn’t matter what other people’s comments are. But for people close at heart, do let them understand why you are doing it. In fact share with all people around you that you are undergoing weight loss.

You know you are going to create something positive from it for yourself, and in the journey you will come to realise that you will unwittingly create something positive in the lives of people you know, be it in a small way or a BIG WAY.

At times we discover that we caught ourselves attracting negative people and events over and over again, and can’t explain why. When we expect something we do not want, we attract the undesirable, and when we desire a thing that is not expected, we actually send out some mental signal. On the other hand, when we constantly expect what we persistently desire, our ability to attract becomes irresistible.

Thank the people who gave you comments, both positive and negative comments. When we know what we are doing is positive, exhibit positive thinking and say positive words and you will also feel positive.

Can’t drink coke/soft drink
I am trying out this fruit juice today
Doesn’t like exercise
I will start walking/exercising
Don’t have time to do this
I will start with 10mins/15mins a day
I can’t because I’m too old to do this
People older can do it, so can I
I’m so fat
I am in the process of having a slender, happier and healthy body

When people around you are saying something negative, and when you respond in positive words, you will dispel the negative vibes sent out by the people saying something negative.
You may be curious about why you keep attracting the same thing over and over again. You are certain you are doing something positive, yet negative experiences keep showing up. This sometimes occurs because we are sending a negative vibe non-deliberately.

The word vibe is often used to describe a mood or a feeling that you pick up from someone or something. Every mood or feeling causes you to emit either a positive vibe or negative vibe.
At times we will feel hungry due to the lesser intake of food, or not happy with the amount of weight loss achieved through exercising. Through our own observation, we emit a negative vibe and this negative vibe in turn will give us more negative vibes.
Hence, say positive, think positive, do positive and you will be positive.

And remember to respond to something negative by gracefully saying something positive.


  1. Hi, what you said, simply applies to every adventure in life like love, business and everything. People know to talk and achievers only know to perform and prove. Good luck with your weight loss. My suggestion would be hasten your metabolism with a lot of water half an hour after every meal :-)

    1. Hi Ramy, thanks for your comment. What you had commented is very valid. Just then simply applies is not really that simple at all. Your comment kept me thinking hard after I read it almost 20 hours ago.

      People who understood what I had written would be:
      1. People who had weight loss before
      2. People who had seen what their closed ones or friends done that before.
      3. People who had helped other people weight loss before.
      4. Maybe there are more subsets I left out?

      Information are out there, information which most people, including myself, which I thought I really know.

      When a person is indifferent about weight loss, their perspective and their views are difficult to change, even if a person is highly obese. Even when health becomes an issue, there are people who dont think obesity is one of the causes.

      I completely agree with you that there are many people who talk only. Doctors who are fat or even obese asking you to take medicine? Stock analysts giving you stock advice but did they buy it? If as extreme as surgery is good, it will be good to have a database of operations done by surgeons and whether any relatives or closed ones are in the list if their loved ones are in that condition. The list goes on.

      Luck is needed in weight loss, I always pray that it dont rain if I am going for my daily brisk walk. But in weight loss, as I advise my friends or even strangers, luck does not play a part at all. It is what you want to do and whether you carry on with what you do.

      Water is great, this is a common tip most weight loss sites are giving, and 8 glasses of water is required. Some even said add ice to it will have a better effect. Timing really plays a big part, and it will be good to know what are the best timing to perform certain activites at various times of the day, in relation to how our bodies work.

    2. Len I think you got me all wrong. You mentioned in your post that there are people around you trying to demotivate you. I was referring to them as "people know to talk" and you as an achiever as you really seem to be serious about your goal and thatsy the wishes as well :-)

    3. Len I think you got me all wrong. You mentioned in your post that there are people around you trying to demotivate you. I was referring to them as "people know to talk" and you as an achiever as you really seem to be serious about your goal and thatsy the wishes as well :-)

  2. Len I think you got me wrong. You said that there are people around you that demotivate you, I was referring to them as "people know to talk" and to you as an achiever cause you really seem to be very serious about Len.. That is why the wishes as well.