Thursday, July 5, 2012

Exercise for Weight Loss

During the last couple of months, in my weight loss quest, which is so far so good, I had taken up walking as a form of exercise. And no, walking is not a lazy man's exercise.  

Why Wallking?

Because walking can be practiced anywhere, on whichever route I wish to go, without the need of equipment. I can do it with a group of people or alone.

Where I Walk?

I am split for choices whenever I deciding for places to walks. Just look at the scenic places I can choose within walking distance:

  Mount Faber Park
  Telok Blangah Hill Park
  Tiong Bahru Park
  Bukit Purmei Hilltop
  Labrador Nature Reserve

There are many scenic parks and reservoirs available in Singapore, I am sure there is at least one neighbourhood park near you.

How to Start Walking?

Always wear comfortably and wear the appropriate shoes. Proper warm-up should be performed before your walk. I walked slowly and for a shorter period of time when I first started. It is advisable for anyone that has not done any form of exercise for a long period of time to start slow.

I have progressed from walking to brisk walking through my daily walks over the last 2 months. The time I spent doing brisk walking varies depending on the time I have or the route I take, ranging from 30min to 1 hr 30min. My breathing technique have improved, showing less fatigue and tiredness at the end of the walk.

My Achievement

I timed myself at a neighbourhood park near my place two days ago while doing brisk walking. After completion of 10 rounds of brisk walking (each round consisting of 500metres) in 40minutes, I am able to jog another 4 rounds in 12 mins, still feeling refreshed after the walk and jog.

The timing stated may mean nothing to a fit and regular jogger, but in my case, the last time I ever achieved this timing was more than 16 years ago!!

Finding the Right Exercise for You?

A complete exercise program includes limbering, muscle-building, and endurances exercises.

  Limbering exercises (commonly known as stretching), stretch and relax the muscles to increase the amplitude of movements. Examples include tai chi, yoga, and dancing.

  Muscle-building consist s in building resistance to repetitive movement commanded by a group of muscles over a short period of time. The effort is intense but over a short duration. This can be achieved by lifting weight, or doing sit-ups or push-ups.

  Endurance exercises (commonly known as aerobics) focus on increasing focus on increasing cardiovasucular endurance. Examples include walking, swimming, cycling, and tennis.

Exercise is good for anyone, listed above are just some examples, there is always something suitable for anyone, and the benefits of exercising is personal and will be everlasting.

So Why Wait? Find a right exercise WHICH YOU LIKE, which you enjoy best and start exercising.

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