Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Call Double Pan

A brief description for people who have not heard of this cooking appliance, made in Korea, that comes equipped with rubber seals anti spill.

This pan utilises pressure-cooking technology that keep vegetables green and crunchy with less cooking time, minimizes cooking smells and reduces the amount of oil needed in cooking.

These are three factors which encouraged many people, including many who have not cooked to snap up the pan. The craze over this pan heightened through word of mouth, and spread over social media platforms like facebook, twitter, forums and blog, culminating in a report of this phenomenon in Yahoo! News. And of course made its way into the kitchen of my house.
What has a pan got to do with a weight loss blog?

Implementing certain simple tweaks to what we do daily or regularly which can be done effortlessly will aid us in our weight loss journey.
It helps you in cooking with less oil and is easy to use for beginners.

And how much oil to pour?
Pouring oil into the pan directly into the pan is what most people do during cooking. But why pour when you can spray?

I found this PAM organic cooking spray last weekend in Meidaya Supermarket that is located in Liang Court, Singapore. And it may be undergoing a huge discount, got 1 can at $1.50 (usual price $8.90).

Recipes from HappyCall Users

A search in Google will net you many recipes shared by HappyCall users. You may want to find out those healthier recipes instead of fried stuff like chicken wings, or very sweet stuff like pineapple tarts that can be done using the pan.

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