Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Resources: Books I Read (Apr - Jul 2012)

During the last three months, I could have easily borrowed over 60 books from our National Library. For some of them I have already put up a blog post and did a little review. Going to the library to find out things which I need is easy, and there are simply too many books out there all vying for my attention, and its free.

Where is the library?

Address: 100 Victoria Street National Library, Singapore 188064
6332 3255 (phone)

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How many books can a person borrow?

Each visit entitled me to borrow up to 12 books. That’s how I can borrow so much in three months.

What did I read?

Books on healthy living, nutrition, healthy eating, weight-loss, vitamins & minerals, making bread, healthy recipes, motivation books, social media – facebook & twitter, blogging, google & google apps.

List of books I read so far

Book Title
Cathy Wong
Family Guide to Health
Martine Podesto
Michael Bosworth
Serena Star Leonard
Kent Sasse
Joel Comm
Peter Kent
Joel Comm
Eric Giguere
Jim F Kukral
Direct Selling Woman Alliance
Robert Bly
Jon Smith
Ian Marber
Howard Rankin
Rachel Laferriere
Paul M Gross
Michael J Losier
David Zinczenko
David Zinczenko
David Zinczenko
Ian Banks
Clara Shih
David Peck
The 8-day Internet Wonder
Edwin John
Andrea Gardner
Jonathan Gabay
Philipp Lenssen
Steven Holzner
Jason Rich
Dennis L Prince
Laura Maya
Bob Garfield
Bart Weller
Marcia Yudkin
George Lois
Scott Mitchell
Sean Mc Manus
Janice Redish
Scott Mc Nutly
Evan Bailyn
Evan Bailyn
Amanda Ursell
Sara Rose
Jack Lalanne
Joe Fitzgibbon

Note: All books listed are available in public libraries in Singapore. Those with links are also available in Amazon.

To search for the book in any library in Singapore, copy either the title or the author’s name and find which branch it is available. Or make a reserve for the book.

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