Monday, July 2, 2012

My Weight Loss Journey - So far so good

Statistics always shows. And the following are my current statistics.

One may wonder, there is seriously nothing to shout about losing only close to 12kg and the BMI of above 25 which STILLclassified me as OVERWEIGHT.

Taking a closer look, MY weight loss when I followed a concerted process occurs over 2 months since Apr 2012, with the commonly used measurements (waistline, body fat), showing positive improvements. I am even able to wear my only-wore-once-bought-in-year-2000 AMCO pants, which is the only size 32 pants in my warerobe.

My actual journey started in October 2011, on one fateful morning, tipping on the weighing scale and discovering myself weighting 90kg. For a single man, it do seems like my stomach is going from the second to third trimester, just like a pregnant lady. Over the next 6 months, I engaged myself in some idle form of exercise, abeit irregularly, gradually from walking, brisk walking and finally jogging. Exercising DO help, didnt I loss 5kg out of it?

However, something else doesnt seem right, seeing is believing, and the mirror doesnt tell lies: I still look like in my third trimester. Man also like to look good. It seems up to a certain point, I had hit a plateau in my irregular exercise regime, that I wonder whether this is the working of the Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns.

Of course the journey doesnt ends there, that is just the beginning. From 9th April 2012, I started on a weight loss program termed The Right Approach (TRA), after being introduced to this by a friend.

TRA is being on 3 principles:

The Right Diet

The Right Exercise

The Right Supplement

Familiar? Indeed, if you had visited any of the goverment hospitals recently in Singapore, and during your long wait for the doctor, you could have seen many videos produced by by Health Promotion Board depicting different health problems also mentioned the above.

So my weight loss journey started with these 3 principles in mind. I will describe my experiences in applying and even extending these 3 principles into something relevant.

How to loss weight?
How to have a balanced diet?
What exercise?
Any science involved in lossing weight?
What are Vitamins and Supplements?

I am not a weight loss guru, not a nutritionist, not a scientist and definitely not a doctor. But as an ordinary person who losses weight, some of my personal experiences and struggles in weight loss may be similar to yours. If there are any questions that are answers which I know, I will be glad to help. Just post a comment here, add me in facebook or even email me.


  1. I hv started TRA 2 weeks ago n my tummy is getting bigger than b4. I am thinking whether I hv taken my trimshake correctly. I am taking it with meal n vege during dinner.

  2. Hi Gwen, just to the point. For trimshake it provides you with carbo & protein required.
    The usual way people take is to replace their heaviest meal, hence they do not take in intake of carbo & protein (which for us is usually meat & rice/alternatives).
    For my case I still maintain my intake of vegetables followed by a fruit after taking trimshake.

    Not to worry, my reading in my first week is also increased :)
    Some other factors maybe also be in place, but will need more details.
    ie. All your other meals are the same as before? Any physical activities you did? etc

  3. Please don't mind my typo. I took my Trimshake with meat & vege.
    A relief to me when hearing gaining weight at the early week is normal.

    My meals are the same but I've cut down the carbs and no carbs for dinner. Fruits only 1 time per day. About working out, I hit gym twice a week. Sometimes I attend the Yoga classes, sometimes I will run on the thread mil, other times will be in the Body Combat classes.

  4. Hi Gwen, I had replied you via facebook too. Do add me in fb. Thanks.