Friday, July 6, 2012

Food I eat during Weight Loss

Losing weight doesn’t mean completely cutting down all food and eating tasteless food.

It pays to be mindful of what we are eating and be a constant lookout for healthier but yet tastier substitutes or even recipes.

Yes, I know, words are easily said then done. During my own weight loss journey, this is something I myself explored. Looking through my own food journal (yes this is something I did), below are some of the food I take for my meals:

For Breakfast

Mostly my breakfast is consumed at home, some requiring 10-15min of preparation.

- Eggs Hardboiled without the Yoke

- Wholemeal Bread (Buy it or make it if you have time)

- Salmon 

- Tuna 

- Tomatoes

- Japanese Cucumber

- Fruits: kiwi, apple, orange, pear, etc, depending on what is available at home

For Lunch/Dinner Consumed Outside

It is unavoidable that lunches or dinners are consumed at hawker centres or restaurants with colleagues or friends.

We only need to be mindful of what we are actually consuming if it is our own health which we are looking after. Different people have different liking, and habits need to be nurtured over time (I also understand) hence I will be putting down a listing of common hawker food/fast food/restaurant food with their amount of calories/sugar and salt content side by side for your reference.

For my own meals usually I will bring along tomatoes as well as a fruit with me and selecting something I like to eat but also mindful of the following:

-    - Less oil/salt

-    - Less or no gravy

-    - No fried stuff if possible

-    - Brown rice in substitution of white rice

-    - White rice rather then the tastier chicken rice

-    - Chicken without the skin

-    - White meat instead of red meat

-    - More servings of vegetables

Packed Lunches can be nice

If packing requires too much of an effort, don’t bother. But who says packed food is not delicious, you should, in the first place, cooking stuff which you like to eat, isn’t it?


Snacking on your usual snacks is a no-no. Potato chips, crackers, sweet pastries and biscuits, chocolates on a daily basis will do you no good if you are serious in losing weight.

When you are hungry between meals, snack, but snack on healthier alternatives. Some of the items I stocked up include:

-    - Nuts

-    - Oat/wholemeal cookies or biscuits                     

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